The Orange Giveth Fruit Once More at Rest Fest!

Yes, it is true! We’re playing Rest Fest (our best local music festival run by the hard-working and tight-knit family of musicians and organizers called, B3nson). I’m really excited about it and amazed this is even happening.

We’ll be releasing a new song called, “The Wind From the Sun,” inspired by the Arthur C. Clarke short story by the same name. I’m working on a poster that we’d like to release at the same time. More on that later!

So what’s with The Orange? Long ago in the late 90′s, a band was born. Dubbed, “The Orange,” both due to the color of my hair at the time (which lured our drummer, Dan Sorensen, to sit next to me in Philosophy Class – assuming I might be a musician) and an inside joke involving an “ambush” by traffic cones, we set out to rock and created a bit of a name for ourselves in the region.

We consisted of myself, Dan, our guitarist, the local sound-engineering-and-musician folk-hero, Frank Moscowitz, and two bassists – the first, John McCaly and the second, Bob Buckley. We all brought to bear vastly different music backgrounds that collided into a weezer-cake-punky-space sound that was hooky, idiosynchratic, and fun. We were a product of our time, to be sure, and we started out pretty silly but our musicality and the subjects of our songs matured into something we were quite proud of toward the end of our brief career, after which we all jumped into other projects. We did squeeze in one E.P. and a tour that took us halfway across the county, the seeds of which sprouted (I’m sorry) into strongholds for a band I joined later (Jupiter Sunrise) that led to some of the best experiences performing I might ever have in my life in places like New Orleans. They wouldn’t have happened without the Orange laying the groundwork.

Today, all in our 30′s and having fathered children, we find ourselves playing together again for a rock outlet, working on new material with all but one of the original members. Happily, our new bassist, Levi Jennes, is a fantastic musician and a great guy. Our aspirations this time around are to enjoy making new music, and to build a brand online that people can enjoy, and that we can perform live as much as we can.

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