I bring to teams, partnerships, and students a broad base of skills & software knowledge, creative problem-solving, and years of experience communicating ideas through different media. 


My Background


I double-majored in Fine Arts and Anthropology at the State University of New York at Albany. An independent study in archaeological drawing led me to field work for two summers in Central Mexico and Belize, producing drawings of artifacts for publication under the direction of Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Marilyn Masson. 

After graduating, I took a turn toward music as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist for two bands. My second band, L.A.-based, Jupiter Sunrise, enjoyed a surge of growth on MySpace, leading to our role as MySpace "reps" (here's a photo of MySpace Founder Tom Anderson and I grabbing Korean food after a show. He was very supportive of us!). This, in turn, led to song placements on television, interviews on national media, and other opportunities to spread our music. With an increasing need for visual materials, I spent our long drives cutting my teeth on the Adobe Suite and other software, designing posters, merchandise, websites, videos, and physical & digital ads for our band, record labels, and other partners. 

After the band's final tour, my momentum with design and illustration led me to partner with a friend and fellow artist, Taylor Gillis. In 2010 we launched a studio called Design it Together, based in Troy, NY, producing graphics, videos, and websites for regional clients, as well as a line of self-produced art prints, greeting cards, and clothing designs. In 2012 we rebranded as Troy Cloth and Paper, placing greater emphasis on our retail offerings and an eco-friendly screen printing service. As an anchor business in Troy, we enjoyed local media coverage that identified our efforts with the city's resurgent downtown and burgeoning creative economy.

At the end of my fourth year at Troy Cloth and Paper, Taylor took over the reigns when I joined the staff of the beautiful and historic Troy Savings Bank Music Hall from 2014-2016 as a graphic designer, producing brochures, advertisements, merchandise, and other promotional material for the Hall, their resident chorus, Albany Pro Musica, and the Troy Cultural Alliance. (Troy Cloth and Paper has since changed hands and merged with Troy Shirt Co.)

In November of 2016, I was thrilled to pivot to my new and current job as a graphic designer with the Exhibitions Unit of the New York State Museum, working alongside designers and planners to develop exhibits with state scientists, historians, and archivists. This has been a dream job of mine for many years! 

I am also undertaking a few special projects, such as a screen printed poster series for NY State Parks, and two personal projects: 1AU Prints — a line of science and nature images; and a TroyBot website — prints and stories featuring a giant, semi-autonomous robot who transforms from Troy, NY's Green Island Bridge to protect the city.